Partha Majumder is a National Science Chair of the Government of India. He has founded the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics Institute in India. He is a Distinguished Professor in the Institute, and also an Emeritus Professor of the Indian Statistical Institute. He has made profound contributions to understanding ancestries and structures of ethnic populations of Asia – India in particular – using molecular genetic and statistical methods. He has also made profound contributions to deciphering the genetic basis of many diseases, including cancers of high prevalence in India. He is an elected Fellow of all national science academies of India, and of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) and the International Statistical Institute. He is currently the President of the Indian Academy of Sciences and the West Bengal Academy of Science & Technology. He is a recipient of many awards and medals, including the Biology Prize of The World Academy of Sciences, Sir Prafulla Chandra Ray Memorial Medal of the University of Calcutta, the Golden Jubilee Commemoration Medal of the Indian National Science Academy and the New Millennium Science Medal of the Government of India.