Professor Ofori-Acquah was appointed Dean of the School of Biomedical and Allied Health Sciences, University of Ghana in January 2017, and Associate Professor of Medicine and Human Genetics, University of Pittsburgh, USA in 2013. He is the Centre Leader of the West African Genetic Medicine Centre (WAGMC), and, Director and Principal Investigator of the Sickle Cell Disease Genomics Network of Africa (SickleGenAfrica).

Professor Ofori-Acquah’s research is focused on pathogenesis, genomics and innovative therapy in SCD. He established the first mouse model of the Acute Chest Syndrome. His research has continuously been funded by the NIH and other funding agencies since 2004. He is an Expert NIH Reviewer with service on multiple committees focused on Respiratory Biology, Hematology and Genomics. In 2016 he received an Appreciation Award as Founder of the Ghana Biomedical Convention. As Centre Leader of WAGMC, he is spearheading efforts to train the first cohort of postgraduate genetic counsellors and medical genetics scientists in West Africa reflecting his continued efforts to promote all aspects of biomedical science in the region.